ERR Brian Lawton Academic Athlete Scholarship

The Eldersburg Rogue Runners will award two $2500 Academic Athlete Scholarships to graduating seniors who meet the minimum criteria & complete the application instructions outlined below. The awards will be sent directly to the winning students’ post-secondary school, college, or vocational/technical facility.
Minimum Application Criteria:
   • Participation on a high school Cross Country and/or Track and Field team (or on the Arrows teams) at least 1 season per year during their last 2 years of high school.
   • Maintained a weighted 3.0 GPA
   • Must plan on attending a post-secondary school, college, or vocational/technical facility
   • Must have maintained Academic and Conduct Eligibility during the years of high school athletic participation
   • Must be a current member of the Eldersburg Rogue Runners and have been involved in at least one ERR-sponsored event as a participant or an ERR volunteer sometime during your career.

*Family memberships are acceptable (check with your parents). Student membership is only $5. To join visit: (Please note participation in the Arrows is separate from being an ERR member). 

Application Instructions:
   • Any Century, Liberty, South Carroll, or Private/Homeschooled High School senior meeting the minimum requirements can apply. 
   • The application form must be completed in full (the form is an interactive PDF but hand-
written or a mix is also acceptable for filling out the form)
   One letter of recommendation from a teacher or coach must accompany the application
   • A short essay must be included with the application
     o Essay topic: How did ERR influence your running and/or field event career?
     o Essay should be one typed page, 12 point font, double spaced
     o Do NOT put your name on the essay page
   • Staple the application form, the letter of recommendation and essay together, with the application form on top.
All applicants must return the application form, essay and letter of recommendation to the
Eldersburg Rogue Runners Scholarship, PO Box 1726, Eldersburg MD, 21784.
Must be postmark by, April 15th of your graduating year.

Award Criteria:
The awards are based primarily on the essay and then consideration of the full application information. Athletic performance is not a criteria, but contributions to your sport and community are considered.
Submission checklist:
• ☐Completed application form
• ☐Typed 1 page essay that does not have your name on it
• ☐Letter of recommendation
• ☐Mailed and Post-marked on or before April 15th to:

Eldersburg Rogue Runners Scholarship
PO Box 1726
Eldersburg MD 21784