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Runner's Toolbox

Here are some great tools and websites for runners. Click on the name to go to the tool
  • Glossary: A glossary of useful runners & fitness terms. You can filter the glossary into categories like Events, People, and Training & Nutrition.

  • Course Maps: Course Maps of some of the local high school teams.

  • Directions: Directions to local high schools and other good running areas.

  • Distance Calculator: Convert distances from Miles to Kilometers, or Kilometers to Miles.

  • FAQ: So often we all have the same questions. Here is a group of pages ERR developed with some Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the appropriate link below: Cross Country    Track & Field    Road Races    ERR

  • Articles and Newsletters: This is an archive of our own Newsletters and interesting articles we have posted for our members.

  • McMillan Calculator: This is a very popular tool by both coaches and runners alike. You enter one of your race times and it will calculate what your times should be for races of any other distance (no it doesn't just assume you will run the same pace for all distances). It will also tell you what your training pace range should be, as well as give you your paces for all sorts of workouts. This is a must use for any runner looking to PR.

  • Hal Hidgon Marathon/Half Marathon Training: Are you looking to run a marathon or half marathon and don't know where to start? Hal Hidgon has contributed to Runner's World longer than any other writer. His website is popular by beginner and novice runners looking for a plan to use. The website has 7 different levels of training schedules for marathons and 5 different levels of training schedules for half marathons.

  • Heart Rate Calculator: There is no such thing as a Universal Heart Rate Calculator Everyone is different. Our Heart Rate calculator is based upon widely accepted metrics in the fitness industry. You can us this to help define your Max Heart Rate, Working Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, and training zones. An explanation of each is provided.

  • Body Mass Index Calculator: This tool will help you calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).

  • Other Useful Tools: We have lot of other great tools to share like our Pace Band, Calorie Calculator and Pace Chart. The above are our most popular tools for runners, but maybe one of these tools will become one of your favorites.

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