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ERR Club Challenges

Over the last couple of years ERR members have come up with different challenges for our club members to participate in. They are new, creative and a lot of fun. Maybe you have a neat idea to add to our list, or maybe you just want to participate in one of our challenges.

The Carroll Elementary School Running Challenge

Club Member Bob Ward leads this challenge that has already had over 50 club members join in. It is a series of 14 runs from July 2013 to Labor Day 2014 where runners run from one Elementary School to another Elementary School in Carroll County. There are 23 Schools in Carroll County. Maybe you too can touch them all? Or maybe you just want to join them for a few runs. It is not too late to join them. For more info, check out the website where you can find out how many schools each club member has touched (top of page) or read about how the challenge works (bottom of page).

The ERR Holiday Lights Night Run

Coming this winter, the much anticipated Holiday Night Lights Run. Jamie Sullivan will be organizing her first ERR challenge, a run through the neighborhoods to see the Holiday lights on display. December 22nd. Check back for more information as we get closer to the holiday season.

The Maryland County Challenge

After the success of the High School Challenge last summer, club member Karen Rinehart developed this challenge. There are some great trails in the state of Maryland, and many club members had never been to any of them. So the challenge was to run a trail in all 23 of the counties in the state of Maryland. The challenge started in January 2013 and ended in October 2013. A total of 20 club members did at least one trail while Club Members Karen, Becky Walter, Emma Kurtenbach, Janice Kurtenbach, Christine Johnson, Lisa Lance and Bobby Ward all completed the challenge.

Run Across Carroll County

A group of ERR members ran Across Carroll County. They started in Frederick County and finish in Baltimore County. Jane Linde, Donna Larkin, Jamie Sullivan, Debbie Tiburzi, Karen Rinehart and Bobby Ward all completed the run across Carroll County, joining a very small group of people that have ever completed such a run.

The Tour de Couch Potato

It used to be a family challenge, but Christine Johnson brought the challenge to the club. In this challenge we gave our legs a break from the pounding of the roads and we took to the bike. You had to bike 100 miles during the 3 week Tour de France to complete the challenge. Christine, Jamie Sullivan, Jane Linde, Eileen Voigt, Bobby Ward, Robert Holt, Dawn Harvatine and Joe Harvatine all completed the challenge in 2013. Maybe you can join in for 2014.

The American Odyssey ERR Team

If you have never participated in one of the 200 mile relays, you should. Many club members have tried it for the first time and rave about it. Some never expected they would enjoy it and have signed up for new ones. Board Member Jamie Sullivan is veteran at them, and brought the challenge to ERR in 2013. A group of 12 ERR members ran it in 2013, and Jamie already has a team for 2014 with a few of the same runners from last year and a bunch of new club members joining in. It is a great bonding experience, and truly a treasure with Jamie organizing it. You got to love the bags from 2013 that Jamie made for the team members!

The Carroll HS Running Challenge

This may have been ERR's first running challenge. Seven runs, starting at one Carroll High School and ending at the next Carroll HS till they had hit all 8 schools. Fourteen club members completed the challenge including Katie Mead, Jamie Sullivan, Karen Rinehart, Jane Linde, Donna Larkin, Bobby Ward, Jim Rodriguez, Kim Morales, Eileen Voigt, Robert Holt, Debbie Tiburzi, Sherry Stick, Jason Stick and Christine Johnson. Check out pictures of the "pack of highlighters" on Bob Ward's facebook page. The challenge was run in 2012.

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